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  • "

    Thank you guys! I just received my package with shirts and a backpack. It made my day. I don't smile often, but this definitely put a smile on my face. I wasn't expecting but like a little t shirt or something. You guys surprised me which made my wife happy. Thanks again guys



  • "I met a guy at a Texas Rangers game where they were honoring Veterans with the Purple Heart. This Vet was wearing one of your shirts and told me to log on and to send in a copy of my DD214, and yall would send me the shirt. Well I did that and I recieved my backpack today. Thank you I was blown away by everything in that bag, it means a lot. Thank you from myself and my wife Sandra.."

  • "First and foremost, I would like to thank you and all of those at Wounded Wear for giving me this chance to get this treatment.  As for treatment, within the first week there have been drastic changes to my life. There are not words that can describe how this works. Needless to say, it is not complete, but I am sure it is going to get nothing but better from here. Much of my anxiety is gone, I have not had a bout of depression since day 3 of treatment. I have been out and about here and I have found that although I am still very vigilant of my surroundings that my surroundings and people around me do not bother me like they did. I have slept now for three nights in a row only waking up once. I can say that this treatment works miracles. I have spent 11 years of my life in a dark place everyday and now the light is shining through. Again, I thank you all for this opportunity you have given me. As for the staff here at the BTC, I have to say that if the VA hospitals and clinics cared this much for veterans that there would not be nearly as many suicides and issues. The staff treats you like family and they know you by name. You can see that they actually care about the veterans that come in here and want to do nothing more than see us be in a better place."

  • "I can't believe the kindness from your group. My husband received the package in the mail the other day. I did not tell him he had it coming. It was such a nice package. Everything arrived in his size. We received a nice duffel bag that someone had to painstakingly fold each item to fit inside of it. He received long pajama pants, around 5 different shirts, even one polo with a Purple Heart on it. He really liked the logo and the shirt with the Purple Heart built into wings in the back ground. Tomorrow we will be attending a memorial for his buddy and he will be wearing that T-shirt with that angel wings/Purple Heart on it. He said it was very appropriate for the event. I am sharing the information of this to all of my wives of wounded soldiers. This was awesome. I love the work out shirt you sent him, too. That fabric is awesome in Texas. God bless you all. Let me know if you want a picture of him in the shirt. "

  • "I'm writing to tell you that I received my Wounded Wear kit Monday! I wanted to tell you and all your staff, THANK YOU! The kit is awesome, alot better than I ever expected. Your organization is one of the reasons my wounds were worth it. I am very happy and comfortable in knowing that organizations like yours are out there for us wounded soldiers! Once again, thank you very much!"

  • "I'm writing to tell you that I received my Wounded Wear kit Monday! I wanted to tell you and all your staff, THANK YOU! The kit is awesome, alot better than I ever expected. Your organization is one of the reasons my wounds were worth it. I am very happy and comfortable in knowing that organizations like yours are out there for us wounded soldiers! Once again, thank you very much!"

  • "I received my Wounded Wear kit yesterday and I must say THANK YOU once again. I was not expecting such an extensive kit. Thank you for all that Wounded Wear is doing for the Nation's most valuable citizens. I cannot speak for others but I greatly appreciate it."

  • "Just got the package. Thank you sooo much. This is the best gift I've received since being shot. I especially like the polo. I'm a big golfer so that's awesome. Thx again."

  • "Thank you so much for the amazing package! It was much more than I could have ever asked for, rest assured I will wear my Wounded Wear with pride!"

  • "I was told to let you know that I have received a purple heart from sustaining injuries while on a foot patrol in the Helmand Provence, Afghanistan. I would like to express my support to your foundation because it seems your corporation really does not exploit us as wounded military like other organizations. Thank you for your time."

  • "I wanted to email you to thank you for your assistance as well as everyone's assistance at Wounded Wear for helping me with the modification of my clothing. I have only had the new adapted clothing for a week now and it is already helping me live a much more comfortable life. Thank you so much for your help."

  • "I’m absolutely amazed at the contents of the package I received from you guys. I feel very blessed to have received such awesome gifts from a true patriotic bunch like y’all. I was even more impressed with the book that came along with it than I was the quality and style of the shirts and jacket. Glad to see the Christian influence behind your cause. I cannot thank your organization enough, you’ve really done this ol boy's heart some good and I will be forever thankful for your commitment to wounded veterans of my generation. "

  • "I wanted to thank you and your wife again for your generosity with the wounded care pack you guys gave me. Believe me, I was grateful to receive it but when I opened it at home and saw the items I was floored. And I'm 7 years post injury; I can imagine what someone feels like laying in a bed or rehab facility getting one of your kits, especially with the personal kid's message. Hell, I teared up with it."

  • "Sir, I would like to personally thank you for your service and sacrifice for the preservation of American values and freedom worldwide. Moreover, the fight you bring home for the preservation of our wounded soldiers is an example in fortitude, and I humbly thank you for your efforts through Wounded Wear."

  • "Just got the package in today! Oh man, I started to tear up. These clothes are AMAZING. The graphics are awesome. I cannot express my gratitude enough. They are freaking cool!

    Thank you a million times over.

    I am wearing the polo tonight to the Legion meeting to show it off."

  • "A fellow purple heart friend of mine said that I should check out your website as I may have worn some clothes that you altered when I was injured. I was wounded in Iraq in 2006 having severe damage done to my left leg and my right hand. Getting dressed wasn't the easiest of tasks and being in my 20's I didn't always feel comfortable having my mother help dress me. The alterations that you guys do are amazing for vets such as myself. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. It's always nice to know that there are people there to help us vets who don't come back the same as we went over."

  • "The things I love the most about your clothing is that they really send a message home to all the civilians who encounter us young guys who so clearly walk around with problems. It lets them know immediately what happened, and I think it shows them that these guys that are getting wounded, they are everywhere amongst us, and they are in every walk of life, integrated flawlessly, just trying to live normal lives despite our limitations. My name is (redacted,) I'm a Corporal in the Marine Corps, and back on March 5th of this year I was struck on a foot patrol by an IED, and am still recovering from surgeries, I would love to have, and be honored to wear anything of yours, because with that comes the pride that not everyone can wear those."

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