The Combat Wounded Coalition's mission is to optimize the potential of combat-wounded warriors and families of the fallen by mitigating the effects of trauma, expanding personal capabilities, and inspiring our heroes to find individual, unique purpose to create  the life and future they desire.

The Combat Wounded Coalition (formerly known as Wounded Wear) is a non-profit organization (Tax ID – 27-0426467) that assists combat wounded warriors in rediscovering the hero within through four program pillars - Pride – Power – Purpose  and Peace.  The Combat Wounded Coalition (CWC) provides free Wounded Wear clothing and clothing modifications to combat wounded warriors as part of our Pride Pillar; as well as raising national awareness of the sacrifice that built our nation.  The Power Pillar is built around demonstrating to our warriors there are no boundaries by pushing them outside their comfort zones, where personal growth occurs.  One of our signature events for this is Jumping for a Purpose where we take our warriors and care givers skydiving, which encourages them to understand that life did not end despite loss or injury and the only limitations we have in this life are the ones we place on ourselves.  Jumping for a Purpose teaches them they can once again live greatly and overcome any and all adversity.  Not all warriors are looking to be empowered by jumping from a perfectly good airplane so as part of our Power Pillar, we are always looking for other vetted partner organizations to get our warriors back out, living greatly and overcoming the physical and invisible wounds of war.

Our last two pillars are built to help our combat wounded warriors discover Purpose in their new lives, and ultimately, find Peace. CWC believes the greatest gift we can give our warriors coming home is to help them find their new Purpose after military service and the impact of war.  The Combat Wounded Coalition has developed two proprietary databases, one for warriors and one for partners that will enable us to match warrior needs with partner services.  We will accomplish this through our initial warrior database questionnaire as program recipients identify needs under our Four Pillar Pipeline.  Whether it is, outdoor empowering activities, housing support, education support, or employment support, the Combat Wounded Coalition will help make connections through our intake database, to vetted proven for-profit and non-profit organizations who can help fulfill these needs.  Our last Pillar is to help our warriors find Peace from the invisible wounds of war by identifying individuals looking for mental health support and connect them to key national organizations that are providing ground breaking non-pharmacological treatments to help them fight against Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress.  The Combat Wounded Coalition will then provide the oversight, management and accountability of warriors as they pass through the Four Pillar Pipeline tracking them before, during, and after receiving support and services provided by the CWC and our strategic partners. The Combat Wounded Coalition will then continue to maintain that connection into the future to ensure our combat wounded warriors have attained and are maintaining the purpose and peace every warrior deserves.                 

The Combat Wounded Coalition has a 6600 sq.ft. facility in Chesapeake, Virginia, a lean paid staff and an all-star team of patriot volunteers to facilitate mission accomplishment.

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